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Feeding 5000 people, spending on 3 crore poor, living a life of simplicity, becoming Gautam Gambhir is very difficult

Questions are often raised on Gautam Gambhir. Critics raise questions as to why Gautam Gambhir continues to work in the cricketing field even after being a Member of Parliament. It is often seen that Gautam Gambhir does commentary or does coaching work in IPL.

He himself has made a big disclosure regarding this. Gambhir (Gautam Gambhir) has told that he earns money for work in his parliamentary constituency and spends from his own pocket.

Gambhir (Gautam Gambhir) said that I feed five thousand people every month. 25 lakhs per month and Rs. 2 crore 75 lakhs annually for that. For this they have to earn. He gives this money from his own pocket. Apart from this, he (Gautam Gambhir) also said that I have also built a library, on which Rs 25 lakh has been spent.

Gambhir (Gautam Gambhir) said that for these works I give the entire money from my pocket. This is not happening with the MP Lad Fund. Due to this, the public kitchen of five thousand people does not run, nor there is a tree in my house where money hangs.

There is no shame in saying yes I do commentary, yes I work in IPL because there is a great purpose behind it.

Personal Life of Gautam Gambhir: Gautam and Natasha were married on 28 October 2011. Natasha remains very active on social media. His fan following is also very high. Natasha is from a royal family.

The beauty of Gautam Gambhir’s wife Gambhir’s wife is the daughter of a millionaire businessman from Delhi. Both Gambhir and Natasha have spent their childhood together. Both were good friends before marriage. Fans like both Natasha’s style and her simplicity. Natasha is very beautiful. Her beauty always remains the reason for discussion.

Natasha Jain, the beautiful wife of Gautam Gambhir, lives a very luxurious life. Natasha Jain is rarely seen in the media. But her pictures give proof of her beauty. Please tell that Natasha is very fond of dancing. In an event, Gambhir himself revealed that Natasha often forces him to dance. And I refuse him.

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