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Mere Sai Actor Raj Sharnagat says I have a great relation with my Directors Harsh Agrawal Sir and Sachin Ambre Sir

1)Why did you choose this project/character and how did you get the role?

Ans: Well it’s been a while in this industry, so people know me as an actor and for this particular role they had approached me, and I instantly said yes to it because 3 years ago I had already Been a part of this beautiful show. So it was a quick Yes for me.
I would love to Say Big Thanks to  my Casting Director Kuldeep Anand Sir for this Beautiful opportunity. I have a huge respect for you.
Thanks to Amit Dhapade Sir and Special Thanks to Dashmi Creation and Sony TV for my  warm welcome in this show.

2)How much do you trust and love Sai Baba?
Ans: I have  no words to express this Divine Feeling, That how much I love him. I visit Shirdi every now and then. Even I have a small  Divine idol of Sai Baba at my puja place.

3)How did you prepare for the character and does it vary with Raj Sharnagat or its a totally different personality for you?
Ans: Hahaha It’s a 50-50 Actually and As an actor this is my job, I can easily switch in any character and I love it or i love to play with different characters.

4)How is the relation with the director?
And: I have  a great relation with my Directors Harsh Agrawal Sir and Sachin Ambre Sir and they know their job very well, they help me around whenever  I stuck at any point.
Harsh Agrawal sir is a very kind hearted person. I personally like him a lot as a human. Even I have a very great bond  and friendship with my director Harsh Sir since last 3 years and if I talk about Sachin sir he is very helpful and kind personality. He is always concerned about his artists.
Both Directors are gem of person. Blessed to work with them.

5)What is your greatest strength as an actor?
Ans: It doesn’t matter what so ever is the situation going on in my personal life.
I try to give my best in any role without judging my present scenario whether I’m happy, sad or broken. It will not reflect on my face when I’m performing. You will only see what the character feels, not what Raj Sharnagat feels.

6) Tell me something about your last project?
Ans: So it was a great project . It gives me immense popularity among people. “Fazil Khan” in Jai Bhawani Jai Shivaji. If you compare it with Naveen, Faazil Khan was a North Pole South Pole combination, or totally opposite.
Actually it was a path breaking role for me, but I stood up very well and still getting praise for this one. But I don’t stuck myself in previous roles and I tend to move forward.
I would love to Thanks to my mom and dad for always being a pillar of my life. Thanks to almighty God.

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