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Gaslight Movie Trailer Review: Sara and Vikrant’s film full of mystery and thrill

Gaslight Movie Trailer Review in Hindi: The trailer of Sara Ali Khan and Vikrant Massey’s upcoming film ‘Gaslight’ has been released. The trailer of the film looks full of mystery and thrill. In this psychological thriller, Sara plays a disabled girl who is searching for her missing father.

With the expansion of OTT, films are being made in large numbers in many categories. Psychological thriller is also a major category in this. The popularity of web series like ‘Sacred Games’, ‘The Last Hour’, ‘Sudal: The Vortex’, ‘Asur’, ‘Auto Shankar’ and ‘Mithya’ is a testimony to the fact that people love this category of cinema very much. Are. In this episode, a new film ‘Gaslight’ is going to be streamed on OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar from March 31, whose trailer full of mystery and thrill has been released. Sara Ali Khan, Vikrant Massey, Chitrangada Singh, Akshay Oberoi, Shishir Sharma and Rahul Dev are in important roles in this film directed by Pawan Kriplani. Pawan had earlier made the horror comedy ‘Bhoot Police’, starring Saif Ali Khan and Arjun Kapoor.

In the psychological thriller film ‘Gaslight’, actress Sara Ali Khan has played the role of Misha, a differently-abled girl. His father is the king of a princely state. But suddenly one day they disappear. When Misha returns home after a long time, it is learned that her father is missing. While all the other members present in the house try to show that everything is normal. But Meesha feels that something untoward has happened with her father, but she is unable to explain her point to anyone. Even the police could not believe his words. His father’s right hand Kapil (Vikrant Massey) supports him in this matter. In this film, Rahul Dev has played the role of a police officer, while Chitrangada Singh is in the role of Misha’s mother.

In the beginning of the 2 minute 15 second trailer of the film ‘Gaslight’, it is shown that Sara Ali Khan’s character Misha reaches her royal house, Mayagarh. There his Satoli mother Rukmini (Chitrangada Singh) gives him a grand welcome. Even with her behavior, she shows that everything is fine in the house as before. But Meesha gets upset after not finding her father at home. She asks, “Where is Rukmini my grandfather?” To this she replies, “Don’t worry, he will return home in 3-4 days.” Inquires about the father. Meanwhile, a maid of the house tells her that Kapil is the right hand of her father i.e. Raja Saheb, he handles all his work. Kapil must have known about him.

Meesha goes to Kapil and asks about her father. Kapil says, “Despite being very close to Raja Saheb, I am far away from his personal life.” After this, Misha starts dreaming of his father. He feels that the father is in some big trouble. Asking him for help. He even says that he has seen his father inside the house as well. He wants to say something to her. But no one believes Misha’s words in the family. Even the police on the contrary question him that if his father is missing, then who has he seen. If he has seen his father, then how come he is missing. Beyond these things, Misha keeps on searching for her father. In the meantime, he finds some such evidence which shows that his father has been murdered. His father’s body and his car are also recovered. But the big question is who killed his father and for what reasons? The answer will be known on 31 March.

After watching the trailer of ‘Gaslight’, it can be said that amidst all the twists and turns in the film, there is a dose of mystery and adventure. In this, Sara Ali Khan and Vikrant Massey are looking tremendous in their respective characters. Sara has been seen in such a character for the first time. If this experiment of the actress is successful, then she can be seen in different characters other than romantic images. Sara is seen moving forward in the footsteps of Taapsee Pannu and Rani Mukherjee. Well, it is too early to say much about it, but it is certain that the success-failure of this film is definitely going to affect his career. Vikrant Massey has become the superstar of OTT. In the last two years, five of his films have been released on OTT only. The names of Forensic, Hasin Dilruba, 14 Phere and Love Hostel are prominent among them. Chitrangada Singh is in the negative role. He was last seen in Abhishek Bachchan’s film ‘Bob Biswas’, released in the year 2021.

Talking about her film, Sara Ali Khan says, “Gaslight is a classic psychological thriller set in a beautiful palace. The story revolves around my character Misha, who goes on a quest to find her father after he goes missing. She is trying her best. During this, she has to go through many strange and terrifying situations. Many secrets come to the fore, which adds to the thrill of the story. It was challenging for me to get into this role mentally and physically as she A very layered and nuanced character.” Actor Vikrant Massey said, “It has been an incredible journey shooting for Gaslight. The film is a murder mystery. In this, the truth of each character has been revealed, which makes it more interesting. My character Kapil is very complex.”

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