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Pushpa 2 Teaser Review: Finally got the answer, where is Pushpa?

Pushpa 2 Teaser Review in Hindi: The banging teaser of Pan India superstar Allu Arjun’s much awaited film ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ has been released just a day before his birthday. In this teaser, the viral question has been answered, in which people were asking on social media, “Where is Pushpa?”

“Where is Pushpa?”… This question was trending on different platforms of social media in the last several days. Finally people have got the answer. Pushparaj is alive and is going to come in front of people very soon. This has been revealed through the explosive teaser of the film ‘Pushpa: The Rule’, which has been released just a day before the birthday of the film’s lead actor Allu Arjun. Released in the year 2021, the first part of this film ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ made Allu Arjun a Pan India star by breaking all the records of collection at the box office. This film performed brilliantly at a time when the country was battling Corona. The removal of the lockdown had begun. Films were flopping one after the other at the box office. At that time the success of this film had worked to give oxygen to Indian cinema.

Ever since the record-breaking success of the film ‘Pushpa: The Rule’, the audience is eagerly waiting for its next part. Everyone is curious to know that what will be the next step of actor Fahadh Faasil, who was seen in the role of a police officer in the film? How will he take revenge for the insult done by Pushparaj? Also, where is Pushparaj after escaping from Tirupati jail? Has he died in a police encounter or is he lost somewhere in the jungles? From public to police trying to know about him. Seeing this eagerness, the makers of the film had started a campaign on social media “Where is Pushpa?” The mystery that arose because of this question has now been turned into a thriller through the teaser. After watching the teaser of the film, the excitement of the people has increased more than ever.

The 3 minute 14 second trailer of the film ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ begins with the question that where is Pushpa? It is told in this that Pushpa, who was injured by bullets, has escaped from Tirupati jail. To catch him, the police fired several rounds of bullets, in which Pushpa was seriously injured. A special unit of police has been sent to find Pushpa in the forests of Seshachalam. Meanwhile, the police have recovered blood-soaked clothes on the hills of Bakrapet. Eight bullet marks have been found in it. As soon as this news comes in the media that Pushpa has had an encounter with the police, people get mad. Riots start happening in many areas of Tirupati and Chittoor. Thousands of Pushpa’s supporters take to the streets. Fire starts happening everywhere. Government properties start burning. Slogans of police murdabad start being raised.

Meanwhile, a person says, “Everyone is watching how Pushpa used to earn money, but what do those people know what Pushpa did with that money?” Then a woman says, “My son. Pushpa had given the money for his heart operation. Now see, it is fine. ”””’ A person says, ” Pushpa has got my daughter married. He built houses for poor people like us. He used to feed the hungry.” Through these dialogues, an attempt has been made to explain why people love and respect Pushpa so much. Why are you risking your life for that? Because of Pushpa, riots keep happening for a month. Despite the imposition of Section 144, his fans continue to create nuisance. There are many questions amidst all this, is Pushpa alive? Is Pushpa dead? Has Pushpa fled abroad? Is Pushpa hiding in the jungle?

After all, the answer to all these questions is found in this teaser itself. A cable news channel receives a clip that reveals Pushpa’s whereabouts. The anchor of the channel says, “Breaking news. Our channel has got exclusive footage of wild life night vision cameras installed in forests. These cameras are installed to monitor the lion, you can see their footage on the screen of our cable channel. ”””” The footage shows that a lion is moving forward roaring, but suddenly stops. retraces his steps. Only then the figure of a human appears. She is none other than Pushpa, who appears in her unique style. After watching this footage, a person says, “If an animal takes two steps back in the forest, then understand that a lion has come.” But when the lion only takes two steps back, then understand that Pushpa has come. After watching this, it can be said that the sequel of ‘Pushpa’ is going to be a blast.

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