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Adipurush Trailer Review: The trailer of Adipurush washes away all the ‘sins’ of the makers

‘Mangal Bhavan, Amangal Hari, Drabhu su Dasaratha, Ajir Bihari; Ram Siya Ram, Siya Ram Jai Jai Ram “… Wishing you auspiciousness with this quadruped of Ramayana, the makers of the film ‘Adipurush’ have released its best trailer. Correcting all the mistakes that were made in the teaser and first look posters of the film, a great glimpse of grand cinema has been shown. Along with this, a cinematic tribute has been paid to Ramayana, the greatest saga in the history of Indian civilization, through VFX and special visual effects never seen before. Every character has been recreated very minutely, which seems to be in favor of religious sentiments.

The 3 minute 19 second trailer of the film ‘Adipurush’ begins with the voice of Lord Hanuman. This character is played by Marathi actor Devdutt Nag. Hanuman ji introduces us to Lord Rama while meditating in a cave. Tells the story of a man becoming God. Introducing the character of ‘Bahubali’ fame Prabhas, he says, “This is the story of my Lord Shri Ram, who became God from human, whose life was a celebration of dignity, whose name was Raghav. Whose religion broke the ego of unrighteousness. The story of that Raghunandan. Lived and awakened from era to era, this is the story of Ramayana.

In the film, actress Kriti Sanon played the role of Sita ji and actor Sunny Singh Nijjar played the role of Laxman. After this, the voice of actor Saif Ali Khan playing the role of Ravana echoes. They say, “Bhikshan dehi, bhikshan dehi”. This is the most important scene of Ramayana, when Ravana kidnaps Sita. For this he takes the help of an elusive deer. This incident is the basis of the war between Rama and Ravana in Ramayana. Here a glimpse of Saif Ali Khan as Ravana is shown. His character has been improved a lot. Otherwise, he was shown like a Hollywood villain in the teaser. He hypnotizes in the guise of a monk with long hair and beard and a red tika on his forehead.

Watch the trailer of Adipurush Movie…

After this, a small glimpse of Sita Haran and Ravana-Jatayu war is shown. The glimpse of Sitaji sitting disappointed in Ashok Vatika is emotional. In the next frame of the trailer, the amazing love between Shri Ram and Sita is shown. So far, in all the serials or films made on Ramayana, the love side has never been highlighted in such detail. Om Raut has done an act of courage by including this aspect. Because people celebrate Shriram as Maryadapurushottam. Shriram is upset after Sita’s abduction. They have come to know that it was Ravana who did this audacity. The kings of many states offer to send their army and fight with them, but they consider it against dignity.

Laxman says whether he loves dignity more than his sister-in-law’s mother’s life. On this, Shriram says, “My life resides in Janaki and dignity is more dear to me than my own life.” After this, the name of Lord Shriram is chanted, “We rely on you, we rely on you, In times of dilemma, this mind calls out to you, our strength is due to your strength, you alone will do good for us, your name is greater than mantras, Jai Shriram, Jai Shriram Rajaram, Jai Shriram Rajaram. The wonderful moment of meeting of Shabri and Ram has also been included in the trailer. In Ramayana, the message of social equality was given through this meeting. In the film too, Shriram says to Shabri, “We are small or big by our deeds, not by birth.”

In the next frame of the film’s trailer, scenes of war preparations are shown. In the first scene, the power of Hanuman ji is introduced. He is shown flying carrying a mountain for Sanjivani. After this, an army made of forest animals is shown. This includes monkeys and bears. Angad is shown going to Sri Lanka as the messenger of Shri Ram. He meets Mother Sita, where she says, “Raghav broke Shiva’s bow to get me, now he has to break Ravana’s pride.” Angad is also shown burning Lanka. “Bury the victorious saffron flag in the chest of the ego”… With this proclamation of Shriram, the war bugle rings out. Ram’s army invades Lanka.

Shriram and his army fought this battle for the victory of good over evil. Whatever his message was, an attempt has been made to show it completely in the film. For this, excellent use of VFX and special visual effects has been made. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Om Raut and his team have drawn a new line in this matter. The language and words used have been carefully chosen to portray the various emotions of Lord Rama. When he is angry, humble, in love, every dialogue shows a different side of his personality. Innumerable feelings ranging from forgiveness to revenge are hidden in it. There are many awe-inspiring scenes and moments in it.

The magic of the trio of Prabhas, Sharad Kelkar and Manoj Muntashir is clearly visible in the film. Manoj’s written words, Sharad’s voice and Prabhas’s Ohra are making it grand. Sharad is lending his voice for Pan India Superstar Prabhas for the second time after Baahubali. It is definitely going to be beneficial. The biggest thing is that the makers of this film have rectified all their mistakes, due to which people were angry. They have tried to make it look as real as possible. This is the reason why it is being said that the makers of the trailer have washed away all their sins by rectifying their mistakes. Its magnificence is visible more on the big screen. Especially in 3D its effects are going to be different.

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