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Aazam Movie Review: Jimmy Shergill’s new film gives double the thrill

Aazam Movie Review in Hindi: This story of one night has a lot of thrill, a lot of crime and a lot of mystery spices. Without any extra spices, when spices are sprinkled on something with restrained hands, then it definitely does karma to those who see, show, make and taste it.

Elections are to be held in Mumbai city after two months. Suddenly, there is movement in the underworld. People are being killed one after the other. Nawab who is the don of the underworld and soon himself is going to die due to cancer. Who are the people waiting for the Nawab to die? Who are the people who themselves want to sit on the chair after the Nawab. Hundreds of films have come in Bollywood on the issues of underworld. Listen carefully, every time the stories of the underworld are not weak in cinema, there are some ‘Azam’ too.

Thus Azam means great and mighty. Now the underworld also runs on this pattern, doesn’t it? Why live! The one who has the guts will become the don, that too is not small or fat, Akka Mumbai’s don. That’s why the dialogue is also heard in the film. ‘If you want to sit on the chair, get used to killing your friends.’ And ‘everything is a game of time, the one who will run faster than the time will win, the one who will run behind the time will fall.’ Just these two dialogues is the story behind this entire film.

As such, there is a barrage of dialogues in it and not light-hearted or forceful. Along with this, the entire team of this film plays him in an equally powerful manner. Whoever got the dialogue in their hands, everyone put their strength and threw themselves and became Mukkamal Azam. But while watching and listening to the story of this film, you also remember the game of chess.

All of you must have played the game of chess. Where there are many stamps. In which there are pawns, there are kings, there are elephants, there are viziers and there are some soldiers and a queen. But the queen is nowhere to be seen in this film chess board. Actually it was not even needed. Now you will say brother, there is no queen i.e. heroine? And you will say that if there is no queen then why should we watch the film? So brother, you will know the reason after watching the film.

Now let’s come to the story again a little here, Kadar will get a chair in the underworld after the Nawab’s death this wind is spreading everywhere. And like a game of chess, all the hunters are there to hunt. Nawab has four legs i.e. his strong link is first Shakir Sheikh, second Firoz Namazi third Tatya fourth Pratap Shetty. Sitting on top of all this is Home Minister Madan Shirke. The one who wants to make the one who is left after these continuous deaths a don.

The story of the film is not only interesting but exciting. As soon as the first frame of the film opens, a few minutes after that you find your eyes fixed and your heartbeats increasing. And why should it be so? The underworld thing is like this, then when someone comes to tell its story, then the heartbeat will increase, will it not sir?

In all this, the script seems so tight that even for a few moments if you blinked in the theatres, understand that a lot has been missed. And then if you run to catch it, you will be left behind. Such films and stories are rarely seen in Bollywood in terms of script, which have the ability to keep you tightly tied to the seat.

The film, prepared with spices equal to crime, thriller, mystery, has been written, directed and edited by Shravan Tiwari, the writer, director, editor who has given thrilling masala films like 706, Kamathipura, The Last Don and The Advocate. Even in the form of dialogues, Shravan Tiwari is seen making a higher place for himself from this film.

Music by Durga Nataraj, lyrics by Nawab Arzoo and cinematography by Ranjit Sahu, powerful background score by Karan Kuna and shot in Mumbai only in one night, the film tells the story of Mumbai getting a new don the next day after a night in the underworld. Beautifully seen. Producers of such films like TB Patel and partners like VRG Media and Altair Media should be seen for the fine casting of Vishal Mall and Sumit Joshi.

If seen, its cinematography, dubbing, VFX and coloring should also be seen. Also, this film stars Jimmy Shergill as Javed, Abhimanyu Singh as Kadar, Indranil Sengupta as DCP Ajay Joshi, Vivek Ghamande as Ananya and Govind Namdev as Pratap Shetty, Raza Murad as Nawab, Watch out for seasoned actors like Sayaji Rao Shinde as Madan Shikre, Ali Khan as Shakir Sheikh, Anang Desai as Firoz Namazi, Mustaq Khan as Tatia and Alok Pandey as Hacker.

Artists like Jimmy Shergill, Abhimanyu Singh, Govind Namdev, Raza Murad, Alok Pandey, Indranil Sengupta together make the film worth watching. Also, people like Abhay, Inzamam, Ajitab Sen Gupta, Garima Agarwal, Abhijeet Sinha etc. give full support to the film. So on the other hand, the song Allah Ve Maula Ve Jaisa in the voice of Kailash Kher makes the film spiritual as well.

Overall, this story of one night has a lot of thrill, a lot of crime and a lot of mystery spices. Without any extra spices, when spices are sprinkled on something with restrained hands, then it definitely does karma to those who see, show, make and taste it. The truth is that this entire film takes its toll on the entire team. So go and watch it in cinemas this Friday, 26th May, don’t say again that you haven’t seen any good underworld movies in a long time.

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