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The Trial Review: Watching this web series is no less than a trial!

The Trial Web series Review: In total, the show of about seven hours of eight episodes can be seen by fast-forwarding a little after the first two episodes. If the viewer keeps a keen eye on the acting, then he can see the koft ignoring a little too much.

Love is a hoax. The law is a hoax. Round the corner is a hoax. Yes, viewers are taking a lot of risk of watching the series ignoring the deception, because the performances of almost all the male and female actors do not cheat. Even though not everything is good about ‘The Trial’, there is a lot to talk about. The writer team of Suparn Verma & Hussain Dalal, Abbas Dalal and Siddharth Kumar has adapted the multi-season legal drama ‘The Good Wife’ as ‘The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon, Dhoka’ for Indian viewers. But the nuances in the story have been ignored or ignored, otherwise the series could have become a masterpiece remake.

There are many inconsistencies due to which the attempt to tighten the story through legal stakes seems to be failing. For example, a lawyer who wins case after case, immediately after the arrest of a juvenile, asks his team member for the address of the police station and a copy of the charge sheet together, then the script writers just feel sorry for their intelligence. The copy of the FIR is still understandable, but the charge sheet? She will file the case in the police court after investigation, for which she gets enough time.

The show follows the story of Noyonika Sengupta (Kajol), a promising lawyer who had to quit her job after marriage and children, and has to return to the profession after her husband’s arrest. But the story of this female lawyer is not grounded. She sells her husband’s Mercedes to run the household expenses. The school fees of the children are not able to be paid for six months, the monthly rent in Mumbai should not be less than one and a half lakh rupees according to the decoration and expansion of the house in which she lives. But, she repeatedly points towards her helplessness, how to digest this big mistake of the makers? Especially when the tag of reality drama show is attached. There are other shortcomings due to the inconsistencies of writing. For the show to be distinctive, the writing has to be distinctive; The story cannot be kept so superficial. The card with nepotism seems absurd. The flag of feminism of the female lead series also seems to be collapsing when the female lead co-worker of the law firm sleeps with the police inspector just because she has to find out what she means. However, Noyonika, a single mother of two young daughters, engages in an on-going struggle from office to home, where there is also a domineering mother-in-law.

On the other hand, the character of ambitious trainee Dheeraj (Gaurav Pandey) is also well created who sees Noyonika as his rival and believes that he is ahead in the race because of her friendship with Vishal (Ali Khan). Why only she, despite being a woman, the owner of the law firm continues to ignore Noyonika’s talent without the fact that she was once the girlfriend of her partner Vishal and perhaps something is still going on between the two. If seen, neither Gaurav is wrong nor the owner of the firm is wrong. Kajol’s character is of a woman who is suffocating between her present husband and ex-lover and there are many such moments in the show as well. The show is commendable for showing the vultureism of media anchors, for which the context of suicide of a famous cricketer has been created. In this, the squid in the form of media trial of his girlfriend emerges very well. Some of the courtroom scenes match the clever and entertaining nature of legal dramas along the lines of the famous TV series ‘Guilty Minds’ – a case involving embryos and life insurance and a case about a college student being arrested for murder are particularly interesting. However, the writing team has also written some good dialogues in the series, for example, ‘Everyone doesn’t get everything, some people get success and some people get relationships’. Or ‘every shouter is not right and not every silent person is wrong’. And the dialogue that came in between the debate of the lawyers, ‘We have to defend a client, not the truth’. Kajol is impressive in her character in The Trial series. She has given life to every character, a lawyer, a mother, a wife. Along with Kajol, Jishu Sengupta, Sheeba Chadha, Kubbra Sait, Ali Khan, Aamir Ali and Gaurav Pandey have also done a great job. Especially Ali Khan and Kubbra Sait are wonderful. In total, the show of about seven hours of eight episodes can be watched by a little fast forward after the first two episodes and if the viewer is a connoisseur of acting, then watch it ignoring a little bit of meat; Kajol is there, along with Ali Khan, Gaurav Pandey, Kubra Sait, Sengupta etc. all are saying ‘we are not less than anyone’.

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