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Bhavita Shah: From Model Coordinator to Industry Dynamo

Bhavita Shah, professionally known as Khushi Shah, has traversed an extraordinary journey in the entertainment industry since her humble beginnings as a Model Coordinator in 2010. Over the years, she has seamlessly transitioned into pivotal roles as an Executive Producer and Production Manager for commercial ad films and print media. Known for her versatile talents, Bhavita made a transformative move in 2019 by establishing her own production house, Hashtag Art Entertainment.

As the Founder, Producer, Line Producer, and Strategic Designer at Hashtag Art Entertainment, Bhavita plays a multifaceted role in orchestrating the entire production process. Her hands-on approach extends to actively shaping project and marketing strategies, setting a visionary course for the company. Under her leadership, Hashtag Art Entertainment has emerged as a powerhouse, gaining recognition for a string of successful music videos including “Jaanu,” “Humdard Hai,” and “Mumbai Ki Galiyan.”

Bhavita Shah’s remarkable journey and achievements not only underscore her individual prowess but also highlight the transformative impact she has had on the industry. Through her dedication and strategic vision, she continues to elevate Hashtag Art Entertainment to new heights, solidifying her status as an industry dynamo.

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