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Velvet Weaver Unveils ‘Kanha Sang Holi’ – A Musical Ode to Festivity

Velvet Weaver, the acclaimed music label, is set to enrapture audiences with the upcoming release of “Kanha Sang Holi” on March 19th. Helmed by Nancy Thakkar, the song promises to encapsulate the joyous spirit of Holi like never before.

Sung by the talented Sneha Shankar, performed by Nancy Thakkar and featuring music composed by Poonam Thakkar, “Kanha Sang Holi” is a melodic masterpiece. The lyrics, also penned by Poonam Thakkar, resonate with the essence of the festival, celebrating the triumph of good over evil.

With a stellar ensemble of musicians, including Naeem Sayyed & Team on dholak, tabla, duff, and extra percussions, as well as Monotosh on live guitar and mandolin, the song is a fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds. The harmonious chorus, led by Poonam Thakkar, Nancy Thakkar, Saloni Thakkar, Anadi Nagar, and Sandeep Manna, adds depth to the composition.

Under the banner of Velvet Weaver, “Kanha Sang Holi” promises to be a musical delight, bringing people together in celebration. With meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of production, this song is poised to become the anthem of Holi festivities.

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