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Dasara vs Bholaa: Bollywood dwarfs in front of South cinema at the box office

Ajay Devgan, Tabu and Deepak Dobriyal’s film ‘Bhola’ has been released in theatres. Along with this official Hindi remake of Tamil film ‘Kaithi’, South Cinema’s natural star Nani’s film ‘Dasara’ has also been released. But the box office collection of both the films is telling how South Cinema is heavy on Bollywood.

Despite all the efforts, Bollywood looks dwarf in front of South Cinema. In the last two years, on one hand, where all the Bollywood films have proved to be disaster, on the other hand, South Cinema is making new records of earning everyday. However, amidst all this, there are some Bollywood filmmakers and actors who keep the flame of hope burning even in adverse circumstances. Ajay Devgan is also one of them. Ajay is not only a great actor, but also a great film maker. Last year, his film ‘Drishyam 2’ performed brilliantly at the box office. This film was the Hindi remake of the Malayalam film released by the same name. Now this year once again he has appeared with a remake film ‘Bhola’, which is an official remake of Tamil film ‘Kaithi’.

Along with Ajay Devgan, the audience also had high hopes from the film ‘Bhola’. But the earnings made in two days after the release of the film disappoints. ‘Bhola’ has been released in theaters across the country on 30 March. Its opening day collection has earned Rs 11.20 crore, which is much less than expected. Its second day’s earnings have fallen sharply. The box office collection of the film on the second day is Rs 7.40 crore. In this way, the film has done a business of Rs 18.60 crore in two days. On the other hand, along with Ajay Devgan’s film, South Cinema’s natural star Nani’s film ‘Dasara’ has also been released. The film has collected around Rs 33 crore in two days. Its opening day collection is Rs 23.2 crore, then the second day’s collection is Rs 1 crore.

In this way, there is a difference of about Rs 15 crore between the two days’ earnings of ‘Bhola’ and ‘Dasara’. While Ajay Devgan and Nani are superstars of their respective belts. But despite this, Nani’s film has defeated Ajay’s film. If we try to find out the reason behind this, then the biggest reason will be seen that the makers of South Cinema are continuously working on fresh content and unique story, while the makers of Bollywood are still engaged in copying. Engaged in making remakes. After all, how long will it work depending on the remake, while it is clearly understood that now the audience is bored with stale cinema. It needs new, fresh, which Bollywood does not have. Bollywood is still making old movies. Engaged in repeating old stories.

Some reasons are being given to hide the poor performance of ‘Bhola’ at the box office. It is being said that the film’s earnings have decreased due to Ramadan and IPL matches. Along with this, it is also expected that after the upcoming holidays, there will be a rapid increase in the film’s earnings. Famous film critic Taran Adarsh wrote, “Bhola got scattered like a house of cards on the second day. Thursday was a holiday for Ramnavami but due to working day on Friday, the film’s earnings were affected. The total earnings of the film on both the days together is 18.60 crores. During the month of Ramzan, a large section of the audience stays away from films. IPL has also affected the business of the film. Now weekends and summer holidays can benefit the film.

Let us tell that Ajay Devgan’s film ‘Drishyam 2’ released last year did a great job at the box office. The film had a worldwide collection of Rs 343 crore. It had a collection of Rs 240 crore at the domestic box office. While the budget of the film was only 50 crores. In this way, this film proved to be a blockbuster at the box office. Despite being a remake, the reason behind the success of this film was that many changes were made in it according to the Hindi audience. The story and screenplay were changed to make this a completely Hindi film. Many new characters were brought. However, such changes have also been made in ‘Bhola’. For example, the police officer played by Tabu was played by a male artist in its original film ‘Kaithi’.

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