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Gutar Gu Review: If you don’t get first love from school-coaching, then say

That ruckus of love and love, which can create conflict between two families. And there is a good mix of all these… ‘Gutter Goon’. Yes, ‘Gutter Goon!’ Which is produced by Guneet Monga, winner of ‘The Elephant Whispers’. It stars Ashlesha Thakur and Vishesh Bansal in the lead roles. Let’s know how is this web series…

90’s school day. Raw love. In which everything from love, friendship, jelly, and fights to all that will make you nostalgic. Feelings are such that the nineties give the first love letter to the kids. Reminisce the teddy bear given or received as a gift. And that ruckus of love and love, which can create conflict between two families. And there is a good mix of all these…’Gutter Goon’. Yes, ‘Gutter Goon!’ Which is produced by Guneet Monga, winner of ‘The Elephant Whispers’.

What is the story of the web series?
Actually, ‘Gutter Goon’ is a teenage romantic drama webseries, which has been released on Amazon Prime TV on 5 April. There are 6 episodes in the webseries. The story of a teenage couple is shown in the webseries, whose love blossoms after a meeting in coaching. First a short meeting, friendship and then love. And amidst all this begins the story of friendship, love and family drama. Which starts in the heart of Madhya Pradesh i.e. Bhopal.


Who played the main character?
‘The Family Man’ fame Ashlesha Thakur has played the role of Ritu in the web series. While Vishesh Bansal was seen playing the character of small town innocent Anuj very well. The story begins with a coaching in Bhopal. Where the two meet for the first time. Ritu recently shifted from Gurgaon and reaches Bhopal. Both Ritu and Anuj come from different backgrounds. While Ritu belongs to a rich family, Anuj comes from a small family. Ritu’s family is open minded, whereas in Anuj’s family, falling in love with children is considered to be out of hand. Well, Ashlesha and Vishesh are very cute in the story. His characters are very interesting. The most special thing about the webseries is that this series has been produced by Guneet Monga, the winner of ‘The Elephant Whispers’.

Beauty from VIP to Tajul Masjid
This webseries of 6 episodes has been shot in Bhopal. That is, in this the web series has been filmed in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Especially in Old Bhopal. You will see the beauty of Bhopal from its history till today. While on the one hand Raja Bhoj is visible along with its history, on the other hand the Cable Stay Bridge describes the beauty of the present. In the series, Purana Bhopal, Bada Talab, VIP Road, Tajul Masjid and Manuabhan Tekri describe the beauty of Bhopal. In the series, you will also see the beauty and grandeur of the Lake Princess (Cruise) floating on the intoxicating waves. Apart from this, the view of the setting sun from the garden of Sheetaldas and the view of the entire Bhopal from Manuabhan Tekri will leave you as your own.

Why watch this web series?
If you have lived your school life to the fullest. Falling in love with someone. Secretly and on some pretext, the letter has been given to someone. After falling in love, you must have made promises to bring back the moon and stars. You have said about giving support for the whole life. Who said sorry after a small fight? If you are engrossed in this thought… then must watch this webseries. Because it will take you back to your childhood days. On the pretext of which you will be able to remember your old days and relate the story with yourself.

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