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Movie Review: Mrs. Undercover

Mrs Undercover Movie Review: Radhika Apte and Sumit Vyas starrer ‘Mrs Undercover’ is streaming on G5. This spy comedy film directed by Anushree Mehta depicts the story of a housewife, who is actually an undercover agent. Let us know whether this film is worth watching or not?

Sarvamangal Mangalye Shive Savarth Sadhike Sharanyetryambake Gauri Narayani Namostute… Maa Durga is considered the symbol of feminine power. It is written in the scriptures that by killing the demons, he protected the gods and humans. The story of a film named ‘Mrs Undercover’ has been woven keeping this character named Durga in the center. In this, a common woman, who takes care of the household, finds out a serial killer who is continuously killing other women living in the city and kills him. This character is played by Bollywood actress Radhika Apte, while the serial killer is played by Sumit Vyas. The director of this film is Anushree Mehta. The story, screenplay and dialogues of the film are written by Anushree Mehta along with Abir Sengupta. An attempt has been made to make it a spy comedy category film, in which the makers have ultimately proved unsuccessful.

‘Mrs Undercover’ can be called a bad film made with good intentions. Good intention because common women have been shown empowered in this. There has been talk of women empowerment. It has also been shown that a housewife busy in taking care of the whole family can become Maa Durga when needed. Can fight for his rights and rights. May teach a lesson to the oppressors. Bad film because the makers have not succeeded in the idea with which they have tried to make it. The film can be divided into two categories, first spy and second comedy. Both the categories are important. But in the process of bringing both together, the makers have been defeated. In such a situation, neither have been able to make comedy, nor have they been able to touch the level of detective films. Amidst all this, all the actors of the film have performed brilliantly. Especially Radhika Apte’s acting is tremendous.

In the center of the story of the film ‘Mrs Undercover’ is Radhika Apte’s character Durga, who is an undercover secret agent. That is, while being undercover, she works as a spy for the intelligence agency. After giving proper training to her, she has been married and made undercover. But after that the agency forgets about him. After waiting for four years, Durga also accepts that family as her own and falls in love with them. Apart from husband and son, there are mother-in-law and father-in-law in the house. She is happy to serve him. Suddenly the murder of women starts in the city. There is a serial killer named Common Man, who kills strong women by deceit. Spreads terror by making their videos. The police fail to catch him. Intelligence agency people send their spies, but the common man kills them. Agency chief Rangeela reaches out to his last undercover agent, Durga, to seek help.

Durga refuses to listen to Rangeela (Rajesh Sharma). He says that no search news was taken about him for 12 years. Now suddenly he is being given a task. Rangeela tells him that his contact with the agency had ended after the Secret Service records were destroyed in the fire. But now that the common man has dealt with all the field agents, he has to find Durga’s record with great difficulty to deal with him. Ultimately Durga gets ready for this mission. Under the plan, Durga is sent to a girl’s college on the pretext of doing a course. That course is conducted by none other than the same common man who is killing women. Durga suspects his activities, so she starts spying on him. Will Durga be able to find out the truth of the common man, how will she treat him, the film will have to be watched to know the answer.

Comedy category films have been very much liked by the audience for some time now. This is the reason why films of this category are being produced on a large scale. But balancing any other category with comedy is considered a very challenging task. As in this film, an unsuccessful attempt has been made to make the fantasy of espionage come true with comedy. If the focus had been kept completely on comedy, it might have been better. Many things seem unnecessary in the film. Like the cheap acts of the chief of an intelligence agency, his name is a bit too cheap in that. There was no need for the kind of ludicrous antics used by the chief undercover agent named Rangeela to put him on the mission. In reality this does not happen at all. Apart from this, the illegal relationship of the husband of undercover agent Durga has been shown in the film. His girlfriend suddenly attacks him. There is no visible reason why and why all this happened. The strongest aspect of the film is its entire cast and their excellent acting performances.

Overall, the makers of ‘Mrs. Undercover’ have not been able to decide what kind of cinema they want to make. The film starts with a thriller and ends with a comedy. The pace of the film is very slow, which bores. The first half is very boring. There is some entertainment in the second half. You can save your precious time by not watching this movie.

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