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Love Jihad has exploded in these films before The Kerala Story!

The film ‘The Kerala Story’, directed by Sudipto Sen, remains in constant controversy. It is being demanded to be banned before its release. Based on sensitive issues like Islamic Jihad and conversion of Hindus, this film is being described as propaganda of RSS and BJP. Before this film, ‘Love Jihad’ has exploded in these films also.

Sudipto Sen, director of the film ‘The Kerala Story’, is not making a film based on sensitive issues like love jihad, conversion and terrorism for the first time. Earlier, he has made a documentary film ‘In the Name of Love’ based on the same subject. Since this documentary film was in Malayalam and English language, there was no discussion about it in the Hindi belt. But there is a lot of uproar and ruckus about ‘The Kerala Story’. This is being called the propaganda of RSS and BJP. Before its release, it is being demanded to ban it. It is being said that the figures of Islamic Jihad given in the film are wrong. Such a large number of girls were not converted. But the protestors are not able to tell with what thought the conversion was done. Where was their morality at that time?

The film ‘In the Name of Love’ was released last year. Through this film, it was claimed that since 2009, 17 thousand girls from Kerala and more than 15 thousand girls from Mangalore were trapped and converted to Islam. Most of these girls were deported to Syria, Afghanistan and other ISIS Taliban influenced countries. Here they were exploited. They were brainwashed and given terrorist training. After this he was thrown into battle with a weapon in his hand. Instead of accepting this truth and saving the girls, the then Kerala government kept doing politics. No legal action could be seen on the ground. This is the reason that neither any official data exists nor any kind of evidence has been left for it. The police-administration is silent on this. The government is in denial mode.

The reality of Sudipto Sen’s documentary film
Through this film, it has also been said that due to the apathy of the Kerala government, the conversion spread like a fire. After the intervention of the Supreme Court, the NIA has investigated 90 cases, which are related to love jihad and religious conversion. The documentary shows how thousands of Indian daughters were sent to the Middle East, where they were brainwashed and converted to religion. It has been said on behalf of the makers of the film, “We have seen tears in the eyes of the mothers of the girls who ran away from home. The cries of their despair have been heard. In this important documentary, an attempt has been made to narrate the call of the country. An attempt has been made to make one feel the agony of a country which is losing thousands of its daughters every year.” The heat of the documentary film can be felt from these things. The hard work of director Sudipto Sen can be seen.

There was also a ruckus on the film ‘The Conversion’
Like ‘The Kerala Story’, the film ‘The Conversion’ released last year also created a ruckus in this way. In this film based on Love Jihad, it has also been shown how Hindu girls are being converted in the name of love and marriage. Directed by Vinod Tiwari, the film stars Vindhya Tiwari, Prateek Shukla and Ravi Bhatia in lead roles. There is a dialogue of this film, through which its story can be understood. “Those who cheat our daughters by tying Tilak Kalava, they should reform themselves, because the Hindu of the country has awakened”. It is shown in the film that a Hindu girl falls in love with a Muslim in college. She does not know that the boy she is in love with is deceiving her by changing his name. He even gives him confidence by reciting Sanskrit verses.

It is true that cinema is the mirror of the society.
The girl rebels against the family by getting trapped in that boy’s trap. His saying is, ‘Not every Muslim is bad’. After this she marries a Muslim boy. He is forced to convert to religion. Refusal is tortured. In the end, that girl understands that she is trapped in the trap. After this, with the help of one of her Hindu friends, she gets out of that trap. An attempt is made to kill him. But family and friends save together. The girl starts an awareness campaign towards love jihad. In this film, an attempt has been made to show the reality, which has been seen and read many times in the news. This film was also called propaganda. But the thing to be understood is that what are such incidents happening every day? Cinema is the mirror of the society. This fact must be accepted.

The CM of Kerala had told the reality
The then Chief Minister of Kerala Oommen Chandy had said in an interview that every year 2800 to 3200 girls are converting to Islam in the state. On this basis, it was said that in the last 10 years this figure has crossed 32 thousand. That is, so many girls were forcibly converted to Islam. This issue was in limelight in Kerala, but due to political apathy, no action could be taken against the accused. But KT Sankaran, a judge of the Kerala High Court, had made a strong comment on this. In one of his decisions given on December 9, 2009, he had said on forced conversions that forced conversions are being done in the name of love. The government should make a law to stop such activities. The judge had also said that there cannot be any kind of fraudulent or forced conversion in the name of love.

Kerala is the father of the word ‘love jihad’
By the way, the word ‘love jihad’ was first heard in the year 2008, when a large number of Hindu and Christian girls were being converted in Kerala on the pretext of marriage by being trapped in the love trap. Love Jihad is made up of two words. Love is an english word. This hindi meaning is love. Jihad is an Arabic word. Its Hindi meaning is to fight for a specific purpose. In this way, in love jihad, people of a particular religion try to convert girls of other religions by trapping them in their love trap. Such incidents have been happening even before this word was invented. This is the reason why its glimpse is also seen in cinema. In the last few years, many films have been made on the basis of Love Jihad. In some films this issue has been discussed directly, while in some films its glimpse has been partially shown. Bollywood movies like ‘Kedarnath’, ‘Raanjhanaa’, ‘Veer-Zaara’, ‘Toofan’, ‘Sooryavanshi’, ‘Atrangi Re’, ‘Ishaqzaade’ and ‘Bombay’ have shown the love relationship between Hindu and Muslim religion. Has been.

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