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Priyanka Chopra spoke openly on her struggles in Bollywood after years

Priyanka Chopra finally answers the burning question about her recent big revelation of being ‘cornered’ in Bollywood. On Monday, March 3, during the Asia-Pacific press conference of her upcoming series Citadel, Chopra revealed the reason behind sharing her struggles in Bollywood on Dax Shepherd’s podcast.

Priyanka Chopra was asked why she decided to quit Bollywood after so many years? Talking about this, Priyanka said, ‘I think when I was on the podcast, I was asked about my life journey. And, I talked about the times when I was 10, 15, 22 years old. 30, 40 or whatever…so I was talking about the truth of my journey and now because I was confident enough to talk about that phase of my life.”

In March, PC spoke to the armchair expert about the reason behind leaving India and said, “I was pushed into a corner in the industry (Bollywood). I didn’t have people casting me, I had beef with people, I’m not good at playing that game so I was tired of politics and I said I needed a break.

The actress further added that while she was shooting for her film Saat Khoon Maaf, she saw a music video of Desi Hits’ Anjula Acharya and later called the actress asking if she was interested in a music career in America. Will take

The actress further added, “This music thing gave me an opportunity to go to the other side of the world, I wasn’t keen on films I didn’t want to do, but I got to join a few clubs and groups. I had worked up to that point so that it didn’t feel like people would need to mumble it and I wanted to do it.

So when this music came, I said, ‘I’m going to America.’ Priyanka’s upcoming series Citadel will premiere on Prime Video from 28 April. Priyanka Chopra has started promoting her upcoming spy-thriller web show ‘Citadel’. The diva made a rare appearance at an event in India where she was seen with Nick Jonas.

A few days ago the actress made headlines when she revealed that she had to quit Bollywood because of being bullied and sidelined. At the first leg of Citadel promotions, Priyanka opened up about her viral statement and said that she was only speaking the truth. The desi girl talks about her place in Bollywood and her struggles.

He spoke openly on pay discrepancy and other issues. During the conference, Priyanka was asked why she was speaking up now. However, when singing didn’t work out for her, Priyanka tried her hand at acting and later landed a lead role in ABC’s Quantico.

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